Friday, July 9, 2010

I've Been So Tired (Gestational Diabetes)

All along, I thought I was exceptionally tired with this pregnancy just because I'm older. I'm 38 now and was 24 when I had my older daughter. Well, my first glucose test at my 7-month checkup was high, so I had to go in for the 3-hr glucose test last week. This happened with Mikayla, so I didn't worry TOO much about it. Everything turned out okay with that pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this time around, the test results came back positive for gestational diabetes. If your readings are too high for 2 out of the 4 blood draws, you are classified as being diabetic. My initial fasting reading was only about 2 points over, I think. The other three tests all exceeded the maximum levels. *SAD FACE* So, I guess this helps to explain why I've been so tired on some days, especially after I eat.

I have to attend a consultation next week and then attend a four-hour class the following week. I need to make adjustments to my diet, mainly cut back on carbs and sweets. I will learn all of that at class.

The condition SHOULD go away after I give birth. Mainly, I'm just praying that the rest of the pregnancy goes okay, and that there are no complications. But, after I give birth, I'm definitely having some sushi and a sundae!!!


  1. Hi Dena! Hope you are making the adjustments to your diet and feel better. Please take care!

  2. Thanks, Teri! I'm trying but it's taking some getting used to! Thanks so much and you take care also! :)