Monday, November 8, 2010

10-10-10 A Very Special Date

My oldest daughter, Mikayla, was born on October 10th. Being that this year is 2010, it meant that her bday would be celebrated on 10-10-10. She wanted to have a bunch of friends over for a slumber party, scary movies, pizza, and cake.

Some of the things Mikayla loves are skulls and the color turquoise. She chose this design from Liliha Bakery.

No, she's not really 18. There was some confusion about the design, and the bakery put "18" instead of "14"!

The girls had a great time talking story, putting makeup on each other, and just being girls. We gave each of them a goodie basket with candies and little Halloween trinkets such as pencils, spider rings, etc.. as a thank you. I got these great buckets in bright colors from Pricebusters for 99 cents each. I really love these buckets. I'm thinking of picking up a bunch of red ones to use at Christmas time.

The great thing about putting these together is that Mikayla did most of the work after I did the first one. She even used the Cricut to do the lettering on the front.

That night, we made sure to log onto a website that displayed the time. We wanted to take a picture at 10:10:10 p.m. The timing was a little tricky with the camera, so I took several practice shots. I definitely did not want to miss a once-in-a-lifetime moment! Thankfully, I caught it on camera !!!


  1. The baskets look great! So nice picture of your daughter :)

  2. Ha ha ha!! Love it, girl... good timing on the camera. Love your blog look too, the cupcakes are so delish!! Thanks again for checking out my blog. Hugs n' Aloha, Jen