Monday, June 7, 2010

Dinner at Hapa Grill

I haven't been out in a while, so this past Saturday night was a special treat for me. I went out to dinner at Hapa Grill in Kapolei to celebrate my girlfriend's Big 3-0. She's the one in the middle, and she happens to also be pregnant -- due 3 weeks before me! She's also having a girl!

While I have heard some good things about Hapa Grill, I would have to say that I was a little disappointed in my shrimp scampi dinner. I love capers and usually order any dish that has it with extra capers. I forgot to this time and realized I really should have -- because there were a total of TWO capers on my plate! How disappointing. I also found the cream sauce a little bland for my liking -- although I seem to have that problem often with cream sauces for some reason.

Other than that, I enjoyed catching up with my girlfriends, especially since I have not seen these two since last year. We laughed at how, a year ago, we were celebrating my girlfriend's birthday at Oceans 808, dancing our butts off and getting our drank on. Now, 3 of us in the group are pregnant! LOL (The third girl moved to the mainland)

It's always nice to have a ladies' night out every so often, even if there's no drinking or dancing involved. While I wasn't pleased with my meal, I still had a good time. After all, it's the company that matters!

(the ladies before dinner was served: we wanted to take the pic
before we messed up our

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